A quick overview

What you should know about WITTE.

With our passion for perfect connections, we are one of the leading specialty steel stockholders and experts for piping systems in Europe.

Dive into the world of WITTE and read how we set new standards for you with experience, proximity to customers, reliability, and innovative solutions.

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We have many excellent assets. But our best one is called competence.

Why are we among the leading and most respected specialty steel stockholders in Europe? Because, as experts for stainless steel pipes, we are obsessed with perfect connections – in every sense. With the same dedication, we unite storage and delivery, standard products and custom-made items, quality and price, size and customer proximity, outstanding performance and personal service, extensive experience and contagious enthusiasm, and much more. Because we want all this to come together and become what you can always expect from us: genuine competence.

WITTE delivers experience

From dirty hands to steel-gray theory.

Every day, we continuously expand our outstanding expertise with valuable experience. But that's not all:

In our familiar business, characterized by friendship, this treasure of dedicated work is preserved thanks to strong company loyalty. Perhaps this is also why they often rank among the best of their year. However, our extensive know-how is also owed to our esteemed customers. After all, their individual challenges are our driving force to develop the best solutions as quickly as possible, time and again.

WITTE delivers customer proximity

Why soft factors are important in steel business.

Is a passionate steel service provider really as hard, cold, and relentless as its material?

Well, some of us are indeed of a more robust nature, decisive and driving forward – and that’s absolutely necessary. But you’ll be surprised at how well we listen! For example, when it comes to understanding a customer and their wishes precisely, analyzing the special challenges of a project, or selecting the ideal material from a wide range of about 58 available materials for your needs. How else could we meet the requirements of over 4,000 different customers?

What makes WITTE stand out?
Flexible solutions of the highest quality. Because at our place, product variety combines with certified quality.
WITTE delivers reliability

We’ll bend for your elbows.

As a renowned stainless steel dealer, we understand that you're not just looking for top-quality products but also for a partner you can trust.

To offer you high-quality solutions quickly and reliably, we rely on experience and expertise – at all levels. Whether it’s stainless steel, pipes, and flanges from our constant stock program or the individual processing and production of single parts or small series. This also includes making absolutely sure that every delivery arrives on time and in perfect condition. So, you can count on us even under high time pressure and significant challenges.

WITTE delivers future

We’ve got quite a bit in the pipeline for our customers.

At WITTE, we're always striving to stay at the cutting edge of the market. This happens on a personal level by responding to the individual wishes and suggestions of our customers. At the same time, we keep up with the latest trends at the most important trade fairs.

This is also why we continuously develop meaningful, customer-oriented innovations – innovations like the establishment of WITTE HiTEMP for the heat-resistant stainless steel sector, which keeps the materials 1.4828, 1.4841, 1.4845, and 1.4878 in stock for you. Or the introduction of super austenite 254 SMO by WITTE TUBE, with its excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. And not to forget: the product expansion of WITTE FLANGE, which now holds the complete program in the materials 16Mo3 for you.


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